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Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada Cruise Port

Founded in 1713 as a French military fortress, Louisbourg, Nova Scotia is now a quiet little port town with remnants of its early days still intact. The militant founders named their newfound fortified seaport after their leader, King Louis XIV. The fortress held strong for a few decades as French soldiers protected the versatile bay from the British and other invaders until the fort was finally captured by the Brits and dismantled in 1758. The English reestablished the harbor as a minor fishing village and center for trade in the late 18th century. Its prominence slowly grew and by century’s end it had become the third largest North American port after Philadelphia and Boston. By the 19th century, it had become a major commercial seaport and prominent hub of the Sydney-Louisburg railway. Today, there is far less emphasis on the port, which is mostly used to welcome cruise ships and for industrial fish processing.


  • Fortress of Louisbourg is now a National Historic Site and has been masterfully restored. Tours take visitors through the large structure where there is much to learn about the port town’s colorful history.
  • Not far from the fortress, the Louisbourg Lighthouse stands by the coast and invites travelers to climb to its tower to experience a breathtaking, panoramic view.
  • The small, yet lovely, Louisbourg Playhouse offers an intimate atmosphere for anyone wishing to catch a show or hear traditional Celtic music. Tea and cake are also served during intermissions.
  • The Louisbourg Lighthouse Coastal Trail is a long, steady walk past the lighthouse and the fortress that winds around the magnificent waters for some sensational views.

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