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Limon Bay Panama Canal, Panama Cruise Port

Limon Bay is a natural harbor, or landform without docks, that allows ships to drop anchor, located on the Panama Canal’s northern end. The major cities associated with it are Cristobal and Colon, but it’s often used as a starting point for Panama City and various other destinations. Since Panama City is on the opposite coast from the bay, most ships visiting the capital anchor in the ocean near Fuerte Amador or Balboa. However, if you choose to dock on the other coast at Limon Bay, the trip to Panama City only lasts about an hour and half by car and is basically a straight shot on the highway. The bay itself is about four and a half miles long and two and a half miles wide and is tucked away from the rough seas by breakwaters hovering at its entrance.


  • The port around the bay is a great place to take pictures. Once the sunset kicks in the homey port is lit up to show off its beauty and spectacle.
  • Nearby Cristobal and Colon offer a number of ecotours, one of the more popular being a monkey watch. See many different monkeys in their natural habitat and prepare to be fascinated.
  • The surrounding rainforest is perfect for hiking, exploring, and bird watching. The birds in the forest are of many different species which vary depending on the time of year.
  • The calm and restful waters of Limon Bay are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. While there’s no coral reef beneath the surface, the clear waters make searching for marine life nice and easy.

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