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Limbe, Cameroon Cruise Port

If you desire old world charm influenced by the English, Germans, and the French, the cruise port of Limbe, Cameroon provides a delightful mix of cultures. A popular tourist destination on Africa's west coast and near the Atlantic Ocean, Limbe was founded in 1858 by British missionary Alfred Saker, who named it Victoria; it changed hands to the Germans in 1887 but returned to the British in 1915. It finally got the name Limbe in 1982. The melting pot includes many residents who speak English, Cameroonian Pidgin English, French (thanks to the city's proximity to the French-speaking city of Douala), and more than 250 other recognized languages. Since one of the important industries here includes fishing, it’s an excellent place to enjoy fresh seafood – and if you fancy some shopping, prepare to do some bargaining. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Limbe, Cameroon:
  • One of the most popular attractions is the Limbe Wildlife Centre. This rescue, rehabilitation, and release project works to help endangered animals survive. With several species to view and learn about, including primates, birds, mammals, and reptiles, you'll come away with an appreciation of what it's involved in animal preservation.
  • Another popular spot, the Limbe Botanical Gardens was once one of the most important tropical botanic gardens in the world. Today, the focus is on conservation, education, and science, along with providing tourists a peaceful escape from the bustling city.
  • More of a fishing beach than a place to do some swimming, the black sands of Down Beach still provides a view of the water, along with souvenir stands, refreshing beverages, and amazingly fresh seafood.
  • Tea lovers will enjoy the Tea Plantation Factory, set against a lovely mountainous backdrop. Visitors get a tour of to see how the leaves get sorted, ground, and dried; at the end, you'll get a cup of the finished product along with a baked treat.
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