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Lijiang, China Cruise Port

While cruising the Yangtze River, you may come to the upper Yangtze called the Jinsha River; here you'll find the port of Lijiang, China which dates back to at least 658 A.D. Located in the northwest Yunnan province, Lijiang has several bridges over the river. The UNESCO Heritage Site Old Town of Lijiang is well-known for its organized system of waterways and bridges. In fact, in ancient times Old Town was the most important area found on Southern Silk Road (which ultimately led to the Mediterranean Sea). The population includes the Naxi people and other ethnic minorities, and these people are all represented within the Yufeng Temple which combines styles from Han Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, and the Naxi Dongba religion. During late spring, the temple's camellia tree blossoms forth to welcome pilgrims from all over. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Lijiang, China:
  • With its turquoise blue waters and fantastic views, Lugu Lake or "Mother Lake" is famous to the Chinese for its "Amazons" who represent the areas regardless its matriarchal society. Along with centuries of history (Kublai Khan established his army headquarters nearby), it's also an excellent place to explore local flora and fauna.
  • For a smaller, less commercialized alternative to Old Town of Lijiang, visit Shuhe Ancient Town. Just two miles from Lijiang, it's one of the earliest settlements of the Naxi people and is still overflowing with their culture. There are still plenty of places to eat, drink, and shop, and nature is just steps away from its quaint buildings.
  • Built in 1737, the pond known as Black Dragon Pool is located within the Jade Spring Park at the foot of Elephant Hill. Here you'll get a breathtaking view of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the region's tallest mountain, along with the Dragon God Temple and the Moon-Embracing Pavilion.
  • Overlooking Lijiang's Old Town is Mufu Palace, an elaborately decorated wooden reconstruction of a structure originally built hundreds of years ago. There are also gardens to explore, and the views are worth the trip even if you don't go inside the building.
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