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Lianyungang, China Cruise Port

Linking eastern sea routes with western sea routes is the cruise port of Lianyungang, China. Not far from both Japan and the Republic of Korea, Liangyungang is also part of the worldwide network of sea transport; it's connected with over 40 countries and regions in Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East. But it's not all commerce; Lianyungang is known for the picturesque Huaguo Mountain and the popular Lian Island Resort (the latter features one of the most spectacular beachfronts in the Jiangsu Province). With nearly five million residents, there has been more focus on tourism along with industry, and visitors will love learning about the city’s history that reaches back to the Tang Dynasty. Lianyungang even has a place in literature, described as "paradise" in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West. Here are a handful of our favorites experiences when cruising to the port of Lianyungang, China:
  • Huaguoshan Mountain (which means "Flowers and Fruits Mountain" in Mandarin) was made famous thanks to the aforementioned novel. The highest mountain of the Yuntai mountain range, there are more than 100 scenic spots to stop and enjoy breathtaking views and the famous Shuiliandong or "Water Curtain Hole" waterfall.
  • At the southern foot of the Yuntai Mountain you'll find the Yuwan Scenic Area. Featuring a waterfall, and several pools (such as Old Dragon Pool and Hidden Dragon Pool), and caves to explore, this used to be a harbor for fishermen but has since been deemed one of the best tourist attractions in the province.
  • Watch the boat traffic at Lianyungang Port, from the large international ships to the smaller fishing boats. A great place to just kick back and enjoy the scenery along with people watching, and enjoy a nearby tea bar or other eatery when peckish.
  • When it's time to hit the beach, check out the scenic Tide Island. A popular place for relaxing under straw umbrellas, swimming, or enjoying fresh seafood, there are also opportunities for water sports and biking, as well as hiking trails nearby.
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