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Leti Island, Maluku Islands, Indonesia Cruise Port

Indonesia’s Leti Islands are a subset of the Maluku Islands—or the Moluccas—which consist of a massive archipelago that spans over 28,000 square miles of the Banda Sea. Often known as the Maluku’s “Forgotten Islands,” the Letis are one of Indonesia’s southernmost islands and are the largest isolated from the mainland. The roughly 16,000 inhabitants—most of whom reside on the three major islands, Moa, Lakor, and Leti—have their own language and culture. Most of the natives live along the shore of this 300 square mile grouping of islands because fishing is one of their major industries. They also cultivate crops such as rice, tobacco, and coconut palms. Leti, the most populous island—also the namesake for the region and the native tongue—has more than 7,000 inhabitants despite being surrounded by mountains.


  • The locals on these islands are known for their specialized crafts which include wood-carved figurines of their ancestors and wonderful hand-woven, ikat fabrics.
  • Since the shores on the major island are long and well-populated, the beaches are well maintained and perfect for long walks and great fishing if you can find a good spot.
  • Diving and snorkeling are also quite popular among the Leti Islands. With so much surrounding water to explore there are almost an infinite number of dive sites, each over a wide variety of marine life.
  • The rice fields in the lowlands offer a beautifully scenic atmosphere where the locals harvest and grow rice. It’s a slow but peaceful process that’s definitely worth your time.

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