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Lesbos, Greece Cruise Port

Poetry lovers will delight in floating through the blue Aegean Sea and coming to the cruise port of Lesbos (Lesvos), Greece, known as the birthplace of Sappho. Located off the coast of Turkey and separated from that country by the Mytilini Strait, it's the third largest Greek island and has a history that dates back to ancient times. In fact, pottery and artefacts found on the island show that people lived here during Neolithic times. Many earlier settlements were initially named for local goddesses, but got replaced by names of gods; the Byzantine Empire took over the area in the Middle Ages and extended its influence among the Greeks. With lush forests, two tall mountain peaks, and a mild Mediterranean climate, Lesbos has plenty to appeal for outdoor types. Whether you’re into history, culture, ouzo, or amazing food, you’ll enjoy some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Lesbos, Greece:
  • The Castle of Molyvos (or Molivos Castle) is located on the north part of the island. Built during the Byzantine period to control the north passage to Adrammitynos Bay, it's not only a piece of history but provides an excellent view of the sparkling sea.
  • Panagia Glykofilousa (Our Lady of the Sweet Kiss) is a quaint church located above the village of Petra. Its 114 rock steps mean there's climbing involved, but the church and view are worth the effort. If entering the church, be advised that shorts and swimsuits aren't allowed.
  • For island atmosphere and to work out the kinks, visit the Healing Springs of Lesvos near the Almyropotamos River. The hot springs have been around since antiquity, and provide a relaxing, above sea-level view while you soak.
  • Since a trip to a Greek island wouldn't be complete without a seaside excursion, check out Skala Kallonis Beach. A quiet beach near a fishing village, the tranquil and shallow waters are great for a swim, and you might also spot some storks hanging around. There’s a decent selection of restaurants and bars nearby for some refreshment afterward.
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