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Le Palais Belle Isle, France Cruise Port

As the largest of the Brittney Islands, Belle Ile is a French island divided into four communes, including the picturesque Le Palais. With a direct translation of “Beautiful Island,” Belle Ile lives up to its name with delightfully beautiful beaches, cliffs, grottos, and aquamarine seas. The towering cliffs and their sharp and dangerous edges align the island’s southwestern side while the northeastern side is brimming with serene, golden sand beaches, as well as harbors bustling with activity. A ferry travels to and from the two major ports—Le Palais and Sauzon—to other hot spots and small islands in the area. In 1886, famous artist Claude Monet resided in the area for a few months and painted the charming ports. Beyond the ports, the once forested landscape is now endless plains and used primarily for agriculture and grazing. The region is also home to historic churches with impressive architecture and even better acoustics.


  • Musee Citadel Vauban is a massive citadel in Le Palais that also acts as a history museum. Enjoy a visit to learn the history and significance of this former fortress.
  • Explore the small quaint shops and take in the stunning view you’re bound to experience immediately after docking at the small, but lively Port du Palais.
  • La Belle Fontaine Aiguade Vauban, or “the beautiful fountains,” is a pretty site featuring historic military architecture. This favorite stop of tourists is also responsible for supplying fresh water to visiting ships.
  • Experience the island’s local private stock at the Brasserie La Morgat brewery. The tours take you through the entire brewing process in their fine facility where samples are always at the ready.

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