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Lamotrek, Micronesia Cruise Port

Located in the Federal States of Micronesia, Lamotrek is a triangular grouping of three islands that are part of the central Caroline island chain in the Pacific Ocean. This coral atoll makes up a single legislative district within the Yap state, which is one of the four states that make up Micronesia. This particular state, the Yap Islands, consists of four separate islands within itself—Gagil-Tamil, Rumung, Maap, and Marbaq (or Yap Island)—and are referred to as the “high isles” because they’re much further above sea level than atolls. Much of Lamotrek is below sea level and the three islands are actually considered a single atoll with Falaite the above-sea level point to the northwest, Pugue to the northeast, and Lamotrek to the southeast. The Yap state is known for its stone money, a preserved doughnut-shaped disks of calcite (some up to 12 feet in diameter), one of the earliest examples of monetary trade.


  • For a rewarding, albeit earthy hike, the Tamilyog Trail offers a slew of trails to explore the island’s history, plants, and animals. On rainy days, a degree of difficulty is added to these au natural paths.
  • Due to Micronesia’s location in the Pacific Ocean, there are a number of World War II sites among the islands. The downed Japanese Zeros, crashed warplanes that remain in pieces on the island, are a particularly poignant example.
  • The friendly and welcoming Yap Art Studio Gallery has Yapese paintings, wood carvings, and hand-woven products by local artists on display. They also offer live demonstrations and hands-on tutorials for children.
  • Sunset Park lives up to its name because it’s a glorious place to watch the sun go down. This small beach also has a large gothic archway not of Yap origin.

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