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La Gomera, Canary Islands Cruise Port

For a magical and fairytale-like adventure, sail to the cruise port of La Gomera, Canary Islands and you would understand why this Canarian gem is considered a true hidden treasure. Thanks to the pristine nature of its marine and terrestrial ecosystems, the port city of La Gomera has been awarded a World Biosphere Reserve status as of 2011. Lose yourself in the mysterious trails of its magical surroundings as you venture out through the palm-filled valleys, tropical mountain scenery, ancient and misty rain forests, black sand beaches and crystal clear waters. The cruise port of La Gomera is the second smallest island of the seven Canary Islands, offering the perfect escape from popular tourist attractions. A whistled speech known as Silbo Gomero was the ancient way of communicating across narrow gorges among the native people. Christopher Columbus made the cruise port of La Gomera his last port of call before crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1492. An unforgettable experience awaits you as you set out to explore the pristine natural scenery of the following places of interest in the cruise port of La Gomera, Canary Islands:
  • Thanks to the exceptional temperate climate of the islands, the laurel forest unique to the Macaronesian region in La Gomera is currently a UNESCO World Heritage site in the well-preserved Garajonay National Park. The unchanged flora and fauna in this park have stood the test of time for over two million years. Experience tranquility as you commune with nature at its best.
  • Los Organos Natural Monument is an interesting landscape that adds to the beauty of La Gomera. Known for its distinctive feature that resembles the lava pipes of a church organ, this volcanic sea cliff is a wonder in its own right. Chatter a private excursion boat to experience this breathtaking natural architecture perfectly sculptured with a nature lover in mind.
  • Wind down on the soft sands of Playa de Santiago, a little fishing village with a truly laid back charm. Go dolphin-watching while you walk along the nice black beaches of this family- friendly environment.

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