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Kyundaw, Myanmar Cruise Port

As part of a cruise along the Chindwin River, you may come across the port town of Kyundaw, Myanmar (formerly called Burma). As the largest tributary of the Ayeyarwady (or Irrawaddy) River, Kyundaw is also a small island at the river's north end, within the country's Sagaing Region. Although it may seem off the beaten path, the village was created from a successful fishing economy and does very well. They're big fish, too – sometimes these catfish get as heavy as 600 pounds – and all of the villagers pitch in to carry them to their destination. Since cruises here are relatively new, tourism has left Kyundaw relatively untouched by development. There are about 250 residents here, whose lives are steeped in tradition; if you’re looking for a truly unspoiled part of Asia, this may be the trip for you. Here are some of our favorite experiences when cruising to Kyundaw, Myanmar:
  • One of your visits may include the village's one-room schoolhouse. Still unused to many western travelers, the children are delighted by visitors and enjoy a good singalong. The schoolhouse holds students from kindergarten age through fifth grade, whose joy and interacting with new people is infectious.
  • Take a tour of the village and watch the residents go about their daily lives. You may get to visit one of the local’s fisherman’s homes, which is like to be a wooden structure raised on stilts to avoid flooding.
  • With far more stupas (around 7,000, which surround the area monastery) than people, one of your stops should be the Buddhist Nunnery. Unlike the monks, the nuns collect and cook their own food; if you make a present of food, you'll see them bless this wonderful gift.
  • One of the tours offered may be to visit a nearby teak forest to reach the elephant sanctuary. Here you'll see how the staff takes care of these majestic animals – and how playful some of the younger pachyderms can get, as they try to swipe bananas right out of your hands.

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