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Kuril Islands, Russia Cruise Port

The Kuril Islands, which are also known as the Kurile Islands, are found in the Sakhalin Oblast region in Russia. The islands form an archipelago that consists of 56 islands, minor rocks, and 49 active volcanoes. These islands are part of what is known as the Pacific “Ring of Fire” and they are also the visible parts of a volcanic mountain range that is submerged under the surrounding ocean. The Kuril Islands provide a unique experience due to the features on the islands that boast spectacular landscape views, some isolated coastal communities, boiling lakes, rivers, and the azure-blue lagoons. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Kuril Islands, Russia:
  • Nature lovers should visit the Kurilskiy State Nature Reserve that is found on the islands. The nature reserve provides visitors the opportunity to explore the region on foot, car, or by using bicycles. Visitors will be rewarded with some awesome landscape views of craters and cliffs.
  • Adventurers and nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit the Baransky Volcano that is found on Iturup Island. The Southwest flank of this volcano has some spectacular hot springs and geysers that make for an exciting find. The last, and only, eruption from this volcano occurred in 1951.
  • Visitors should also visit the Tyatya Volcano, also known as the Tiatia Volcano, which is found on Kunashir Island. It is the island's highest peak and it is also regarded as being one of the few and finer examples of a somma volcano.
  • Guests should make time to pay a visit to Cape North, which is also commonly referred to as “Cape Edge of the World”. Here, visitors will get to enjoy the seemingly endless and stunning views that are characteristic of the Kuril Islands.
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