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Krakatoa, Indonesia Cruise Port

Krakatoa is a large Indonesian volcano as well as the island in which it rests. Its famous eruption in 1883 destroyed a considerable portion of the island and surrounding archipelago and reformed numerous islands during the proceeding seismic activity that lasted for months after the fact. The awesome blast was heard from as far as 3,000 miles away and more than 35,000 human lives were lost as a result. Many believe this to be the most devastating eruption in historic times; therefore, the site is a sought-after tourist destination. Anak Krakatau—literally, Child of Krakatoa—emerged as a new island in 1927 as a result of the eruption more than 40 years prior, and is now the major site of eruptive activity. While a popular destination, the area is still very volcanically inclined, and its current active nature decides whether or not tourists can land on the island’s black sand beaches.


  • Various tours are available and set out whenever the volcanos are deemed stable. These tours are full-service and offer meals, guides, and expeditions to both islands.
  • Snorkeling is also very popular around the big island’s reef. The dried up sulphur and molten lava beneath the water are interesting to view and act as a link to the region’s long and volatile history.
  • The black sand beaches are somewhat unique as they have been permanently dyed that color due to the ash and other remnants from the long-ago eruption and each one since.
  • Krakatoa has at least three volcanic peaks that tourists can actually climb up for a better view of the surrounding area. These peaks are only a fraction of the heights they once were, and yet they’re tall enough to picture what once was.

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