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Kom Ombo, Egypt Cruise Port

Once upon a time, the cruise port of Kom Ombo, Egypt was called Nubt ("City of Gold"); during the Greco-Roman period, it was taken over as a Greek settlement. Even before the Greeks intervened, this ancient city was called Pa-Sebek ("Land of Sobek"); Sobek was a god associated with the Nile crocodile and he protected citizens against the dangers from the river. Largely an agricultural city, its location on the Nile River has been essential in helping the city develop trade from Nubia to the Nile Valley. Not only are the original peasant farmers supported by fields full of sugar cane, but also a number of Nubians who were put out when their homes when they were displaced by the development of man-made Lake Nasser. If exploring history under the hot African sun brings out your hidden archaeologist, you’ll definitely enjoy our favorite experiences when cruising to Kom Ombo, Egypt:
  • Started by Ptolemy VI Philometor around 180-47 B.C., the Temple of Kom Ombo is the city's most famous attraction. Dedicated to two gods – both Sobek and Haroeris (the latter represented as a man with a falcon head) – it's set up to "accommodate" both gods, with the inclusion of two courts, halls, sanctuaries, and so on. Although much of the original temple was destroyed by the Nile, earthquakes, and humans, some were restored in 1893 by Jacques de Morgan.
  • Part of the temple is the Crocodile Museum where you'll find a display of mummified crocodiles, some of which are thousands of years old and fairly large. You'll also find mummified eggs and baby crocs, an example of the mummification process, and a crocodile-shaped sarcophagus.
  • For another history lesson, visit the shadoof, or irrigation tool, beside Kom Ombo temple. Used by people of Nile River to draw water, the shadoof here is a good example of how people used to take care of their crops in this unforgiving desert climate.
  • If time permits, take one of the many tours offered along the Nile. Many include the temple, along with sites such as the Great Sphinx and the famous pyramids.
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