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Kolyuchin Island, Russia Cruise Port

Located in Russia’s Chukchi Sea, Kolyuchin is a small island that is fewer than seven miles from the Chukotka Peninsula, part of the Siberian coastline. There was once a small settlement of indigenous people known as the Chukchi, but the island has been uninhabited since 1987 and little evidence of those former settlers exists today. The island is almost entirely covered by tundra vegetation which consists of low-growing flora such as sedges, grasses, dwarf shrubs, wildflowers, mosses, and lichens. The nearby shores—north of the Rypatynonel’gyn lagoon but south of Pyngopil’gyn lagoon—contain a few small settlements which along with Kolyuchin Island are administratively owned by the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Federation. The island is the site of a famous rescue operation of a Russian icebreaker that was crushed by an abundance of ice in the nearby sea. Bird watchers appreciate the Kolyuchin’s dramatic cliffs which are great for viewing birds and other wildlife.


  • The amazing birdwatching cliffs allow serious “birders” to view a few species exclusive or rare to the region, including: Pelagic cormorants, thick-billed Murres, and kittiwakes.
  • Rare horned and tufted puffins also inhabit the island for nesting and breeding purposes. While they are capable of flight, bird watchers often need to get closer to see them in action as they don’t often fly while protecting their eggs.
  • Walrus herds congregate on the island or below nearby bird rock. Visitors tend to take delight in seeing these large, yet majestic creatures strive in their natural habitat.
  • A meteorological site was totally abandoned in 2013; however, it remains in place and still looks quite striking against the barren landscape. Many species of birds also use the abandoned buildings and machinery for shelter and nesting.  

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