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Kodi, West Sumba Cruise Port

Located within the western part of the island of Sumba, Indonesia is the cruise port of Kodi, known for its magnificent and unspoiled beaches. Not far from Waikelo Harbor, the Kodi district includes the village of Bandokodi, featuring traditional houses earmarked by towering roofs. It's also a great place for surfing, especially at Bondo Kodi, whose exposed break point creates relatively consistent surf conditions. The island is also home to many distinctive flora and fauna. While exploring Kodi, make sure you bring good shoes, water, and snacks; you won’t find many restaurants or other amenities. One of Kodi’s most unique features is Waikuri (or Weekuri), the saltwater lake. The turquoise blue lagoon is clear enough to see down to the coral reefs, and has been described by several travelers as "a slice of Heaven on Earth." Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Kodi, West Sumba:
  • If you're looking to combine history with relaxation, don't miss Ratenggaro Beach. Here you'll find a traditional village along with megaliths, or stone tombs, near some of the homes. The waves here make for good surfing when they're not too strong. Villagers may have traditional handcrafted items for sale if you're looking for authentic souvenirs.
  • Pero Beach is a cool place to watch the fishing boats go in and out, and examine the catches of the day; those looking for fresh squid can buy it right off the boat. One side of the beach is rockier than the other, so if you're looking for a more traditional beach experience, stick to the right side or the nearby lagoon.
  • For a smaller beach, check out Mandorak, hidden between two reef walls. Located near the Kale Ronga Village, there are plenty of rocks, sand, and lagoons; it also has strong waves for surfing.
  • For some real peace and quiet, visit Karo Beach. This one is full of shade trees which provide a lovely carpet of leaves should you visit during autumn.
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