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Klemtu, British Columbia, Canada Cruise Port

Located in the heart of British Columbia on Canada’s Kitasoo Indian Reserve No. 1, Klemtu is a small settlement on Swindle Island with a population well under 1,000. As a port village, the quaint little settlement and its island are accessible via the B.C. ferry. Klemtu is extremely isolated and is almost 120 miles away from Bella Koola, the nearest access point to British Columbia’s highway system. This unincorporated community consists of two different native tribes: the Kitasoo or Tsimshian people, and the Xaixais or Heitsuk people. Both groups are friendly and inviting and many are avid fishers during the summer months, often willing to teach visitors the ropes. Along the waterfront is a long boardwalk where people can stroll past numerous businesses while enjoying the calm, majestic waters. The amenities include a wharf-side commercial center, general store, café, gas station and health clinic.


  • Green Inlet Marine Provincial Park is accessible only by boat and is set on the area’s most scenic fjord. Beyond the park is a tidal lagoon with fairly strong rapids.
  • The waters off Swindle Island are clean, clear, and perfect for swimming, kayaking, and diving. The aquatic life beneath the surface is always a stunning sight to be seen.
  • In 1968 there was an alleged Sasquatch sighting on the island! Although the mythical beast has never been officially recorded, various Bigfoot “experts” have been studying the island’s forests ever since.
  • The coastal fjords are always a bewildering sight for visitors and they are best experienced on a guided tour led by the natives who know where to go for premiere views. 

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