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Kirkenes, Norway Cruise Port

Kirkenes is a Norwegian town found in Sor-Varanger Municipality in the Finnmark County. It is located in the more Northeastern regions of Norway on a peninsula that lies along the Bokfjorden, which is a fjord that is an arm of an even larger fjord called the Varangerfjorden that connects to the Barents Sea. The town covers an approximate area of 2.15 square kilometers and hosts a population of about 3,498 people according to some statistical estimates gathered by the Norwegian government in 2013. The town has a rich historical background and this is mainly because of the role the town played in World War II. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, attractions, and activities that visitors could enjoy after cruising to Kirkenes, Norway:
  • Visitors who are interested in learning more about the cultural history of the town should visit the Borderland Museum. The facility has exhibits that give details about the Sor Varanger Community and how they were, and still currently are, after being affected by the interaction between Finland and Russia.
  • Due to the climate that is typical of Norway, the Kirkenes Snowhotel should be an ideal visitor attraction for those who may take delight from the hotel's ice and snow theme. Bedframes in the hotel rooms are framed with ice, and some sections of the hotel are made of snow.
  • Art fanatics or visitors interested in learning about art should visit the Grenselandmuseet, which is a museum in the town that has a wonderful exhibition of woodcuts done by Jon Savio. The museum also has displays of the lifestyle enjoyed by people from the North of Norway.
  • Another interesting and unique site for visitors to explore is the three-borders-mark. At this location, the borders of Russia, Finland, and Norway intersect. It is an interesting sight for any adventurer.
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