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Kiev, Ukraine Cruise Port

Kiev is considered the oldest country of Eastern Europe, and records have it dating back to the 5th century. Over that time it has been controlled by the Russians, Polish and Vikings. Now, independent Kiev is the 8th largest city in Europe. For such a large city, Kiev has a welcoming feel with its horse chestnut trees that line the streets and a wide array of parks. Kiev also has a mix of old and new, with 70% of its buildings from the early 1900s preserved. Here are a few of the many attractions to experience on your trip to Kiev, which lies along the Dnieper River:

  • Visit the oldest of four Cave Monasteries, Kiev Pechersk Lavra. These were underground churches where monks lived and are now mummified. Women must cover their hair and wear a long skirt in order to enter.
  • Take some time to unwind when you venture to Hidropark Island to enjoy the beach or the park. You’ll find yourself doing just as the locals do.
  • Tour the replicas of six Ukrainian villages at the Open Air Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life. You’ll see wooden mills, churches and huts.
  • Take a tour of the Museum to the Great Patriotic War that commemorates the German-Soviet War and explains the impact that WWII had on Ukraine. 

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