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Khios (Chios), Greece Cruise Port

Sailing through the beautiful blue Aegean Sea, you’ll find the port of Chios (or Khios), Greece, the fifth largest of the Greek islands and separated from Turkey by the Çesme Strait. The island is divided into five regions; its main town, appropriately enough, is called Chios Town, or Chora to the locals. An ancient island, archaeological findings show it's been inhabited since at least the Neolithic era. Chios has a long and rich history, especially militarily. From the Romans to the Ottoman Turks, multiple influences shaped Chios into what it is today. By 1912 and after the First Balkan War, Chios was finally able to rejoin the rest of independent Greece. With its mild, warm climate all year long, this bustling island included plenty of activities for those who love to both explore and relax. Here are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Chios (Khios), Greece:
  • Located in the central region of the island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the 11th-century Nea Moni. A monastery dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, it also contains mosaics from the reign of Constantine IX which part of only three remaining collections in Greece from the mid-Byzantine period.
  • For more history of the island, go to Chios Town to visit the Chios Castle. A medieval citadel built to thwart naval attacks, its original Byzantine structure was later updated by the Genoese. You'll also find Saint George's Church and Turkish baths nearby.
  • The village of Olympi is in a green valley southwest of Chios Town; it's noted for its 13th-century architecture which is built as a fortress to which onlookers are hard-pressed to find openings (except for a single door). Going inside those walls is like traveling through time, mostly unspoiled by tourism and modern trappings.
  • On an island with a couple dozen beaches, one of the standouts is Vroulidia. Located about six miles south of Emborios, this is a quieter area where you can enjoy the sand and clear waters while gazing at the view. There's also a nearby cave you can explore by swimming or snorkeling.
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