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Kehl, Germany Cruise Port

Kehl is a town located in Germany. It is situated on river Rhine. The village was first mentioned in the year 1038. The permanent bridge between Strasbourg and Kehl was completed in 1338. In 1678, France took over the city because it was regarded as part of Strasbourg’s defense system. Due to this, in 1683 the village was changed into a fortress. During World War 2, after the Battle of France, Kehl was turned into Strasbourg’s suburb. All the citizens were expelled from Kehl after the war. This state then continued up to 1953. This was when the city was returned to Germany and then the refugees returned. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences, activities, and features that visitors cruising to Kehl, Germany will enjoy:
  • There are several good accommodation options in the region. One of the most popular ones is Hotel Restaurant Grieshabers Rebstock. It is a pleasant hotel, which is very attractive. The staff is helpful and the food served at the establishment is also delicious.
  • Dining in the town is ideal because of the variety of restaurants that once can choose from. There are several good dining establishments in the region. Bei Alexandros sells good Greek food and one can accompany a meal with red Greek wine. The ambience is also great.
  • Passerelle Mimram is a lovely bridge in the region. A person can take a quiet evening walk across the bridge from Germany to France. The views of the region and its surroundings from the bridge are magnificent, which makes it a good place for an evening walk.
  • Rick's Cafe Americain is a popular bar in the region. Customers can choose from a wide range of cocktails. The atmosphere is great, which is ideal for visitors that want to enjoy cocktails while at the same time having fun. The prices are also cheap, which is convenient.

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