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Kalymnos, Greece Cruise Port

Cruising through the Aegean Sea will bring you to the port of Kalymnos, Greece, which is like floating in a sun-soaked postcard. With its backdrop of mountains, green valleys, and blue waters, you relax at the beach or enjoy foods such as spinialo (devilfish and urchins in sea water). Located between the islands of Kos and Leros, it's the third most populous with around 16,000 residents. An ancient island which once had a temple to Apollo, this and other artefacts were excavated in the 19th century by archaeologist Charles Newton and added to the British Museum’s collection. A main source of wealth came from harvesting sponges from the sea floor, which has since substantially diminished in recent years. Tourism is now a main industry, and a statue of Poseidon in the capital of Pothia greets visitors. Here are some of our favorite experiences for the cruise port of Kalymnos, Greece:
  • Located on a hill overlooking Pothia, the Agios Savvas Monastery is just one of the island’s many places of worship worth exploring. The view from this monastery is breathtaking, and it attracts faithful from all over hoping to have their prayers answered.
  • Kalymnos may very well be one of the best places to climb in the world, thanks to over 2,000 routes in varying levels of difficulty. There are even paths where a motorized scooter can go! If you need to rent equipment or want a tutorial, there are plenty of guides to show you the ropes (pun intended).
  • Not far from Pothia is one of the island's most beautiful beaches. Platis Yialos Beach is made up more of fine black pebbles than actual sand, but this doesn't detract from its relaxing atmosphere on one end, party atmosphere on the other, and crystal clear waters.
  • With just one sponge factory left in the area, the Factory of Natural Sponges in Pothia is a fascinating look at the industry that helped make Kalymnos such a success. Not only will you get a complete history of sponge diving, but can choose from several sizes of natural sea sponge as a one-of-a-kind souvenir.
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