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Iwakuni, Japan Cruise Port

Bordering the Seto Inland Sea, Iwakuni is a city located in the eastern part of the Yamaguchi Prefecture. It was once the castle town of the Iwakuni han, formed by Lord Hiroie Kikkawa after he was banished for supporting the shogun during the 17th-century Edo period. After prospering for more than 300 years, the city saw a merger in 2006. It absorbed the Kuga District towns of Kuga, Mikawa, Miwa, Nishiki, Shuto, Yu, and the village of Hongo to create a larger and more intricate Iwakuni. Its major industries are oil, paper and agriculture. Tourists are drawn to the city’s specialized and expansive infrastructure. While ancient structures like the Iwakuni Castle remains standing, many modern innovations such as bridges, housing, and modest buildings fill out the city’s skyline. They have a unique local version of sushi, prepared in squares big enough to feed 150 patrons who enjoy it via moving conveyor belts in restaurants known as “sushi-go-rounds.”


  • The city’s most popular spot is the Kintai Bridge. Spanning the Nishiki River, its aesthetically pleasing five-arch design is a symbol of western Honshu.
  • Gaze into a representation of old Japan at the Iwakuni Castle. With many of its temples and walls masterfully preserved, this mountainside wonder acts as a museum containing armor, weapons and precious artifacts of the Kikkawa family.
  • After crossing the Kintai Bridge, check out Kikko Park, home of the Imazu White Snake Museum. The rare, non-poisonous snakes on display are said to bring good fortune if found in a person’s home.
  • For a look into traditional Japanese culture, be sure to visit the Iwakuni Art Museum. Samurai life is prominently featured in many exhibits, displaying their armor and swords.

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