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Isle of Harris (Outer Hebrides), Scotland Cruise Port

The Isle of Harris and the Isle of Lewis constitute an island that is located in the Northwest corner of the Western Isles, also known as the Outer Hebrides, which are a group of islands in the waters of Scotland. The Southern part of this island is known as the Isle of Harris while the Northern part is the Isle of Lewis. The two isles are referred to as if they are totally separate islands. The Isle of Harris is immensely hilly and boasts of having more than thirty peaks that are above an altitude of 300 meters and some spectacular beaches too. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to the Isle of Harris, Scotland:
  • The Isle of Harris boasts of having some of the most spectacular beaches in Britain. Visitors should especially go to Luskentyre Beach, also known as Traigh Losgaintir in Gaelic. The beach is extremely expansive and has white sands that add to its beauty.
  • Visitors should not miss out on the tours of St Kilda Island archipelago, which are volcanic islands regarded to be one of the most remote of the British Isles. The island was declared a World Heritage Site and boasts of having a colony of more than one million birds.
  • Architecture and history fans alike should take the time to visit the Church of St. Clement. It is located at the Southern section of Harris. The church dates back to the 16th century. The church’s main attractions are the three tombs that hold interesting carvings.
  • Hikers and adventurers should visit An Cliseam on the Isle of Harris that stands at an altitude of 799 meters. It is a challenging climb that is reserved for experienced hill-walkers and takes approximately 8 hours. Spectacular views of the isle's landscapes and flora await the visitors.
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