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Isla de Providencia, Columbia Cruise Port

Hidden away several miles to the North of San Andres is a small yet marvelous Caribbean Island named Isla de Providencia. The Island is a remote gem which has been untouched by modern civilization. It is known for its unchanged tradition and culture, thanks to its isolation. The locals still speak English-based Creole rather than the contemporary Spanish and some of the old English names of its towns are still used. The Island is also famed as a base for the pirate Henry Morgan, who plagued Spanish Empire, and as rumors would have it left behind his hoard of treasure hidden away somewhere on the Island. While life on the island is slow paced and laid back, here are a few elements and features that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Isla de Providencia, Columbia:
  • Gorgona Natural Park is a good place that caters to divers. Providencia boasts the third largest barrier reef in the world and has been cited by UNESCO as a Seaflower Biosphere Reserve. It is famous for its clear waters and underwater biodiversity. This makes it an ideal scuba diving location.
  • Tourists should definitely visit the Mcbean Lagoon Natural National Park where one can see the beautiful coral reefs. It offers a magnificent spectacle of ocean water that sparkles with every shade of blue imaginable and one can go snorkeling which makes the experience more intriguing.
  • Providencia is blessed with beautiful white seldom populated beaches. One of the best beaches at the region is Playa Manzanillo. It provides a peaceful place to lounge and relax. One can lay back and enjoy beautiful views from the beach.
  • For the outdoor enthusiasts and people that love adventure, the Peak Forestry reserve is a highly recommended region to visit. Here, people can hike and view the entire island while at the same time learning of the plants and wildlife native to the region.
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