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Isla de la Plata, Ecuador Cruise Port

Isla de la Plata is an island that is located off the coast of Manabi, Ecuador. It can easily be accessed by boat from Puerto Lopez, which is a city that is located about 40 kilometers away. It is believed that the island derived its name from the buried treasures of Sir Francis Drake. It is in some cases, referred to as the poor person’s Galapagos due to the abundance of wildlife at the region. The region is immensely popular due to the wide array of activities that are offered on the island. In an effort to make the trip more exciting going on guided tours is ideal. Guided tours are offered on particular hiking trails. Featured below are some of the activities and features that a person can enjoy after cruising to Isla de la Plata, Ecuador:
  • One of the best places for nature lovers to visit around the region is Machalilla National Park, which helps to protect the remaining part of the dry tropical forest of the country. Some of the vegetation in the park are the Palo Santo trees and fluffy kapok trees.
  • The indigenous village and the archaeological site of Agua Blanca can be found in Machalilla national park. The area was once an important trading location but currently only 16 families remain. The site is ideal for learning about a different culture and history.
  • Visitors cruising to Isla de Plata, Ecuador are also presented with the opportunity of seeing the large diversity of animal species that inhabit the region. These include the South American Sea lion, dolphins, the Nazca booby, the red-footed bobby, and the blue-footed booby.
  • Exploring the Chongon-Colonce mountains is highly recommended. Hiking the mountain range and paths offers a fun and interesting way to explore the island. Adventurers and sport lovers will surely enjoy the hike while soaking in the spectacular views of the region.
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