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Isla De Coiba, Panama Cruise Port

Isla De Coiba, also known as Coiba Island, is located off the Pacific Coast of Panama. It is home to a vast beautiful and scenic flora and fauna. Coiba detached from mainland panama 12,000 to 18,000 years ago when the sea levels rose. Coiba once had a prison that was a feared place because of its reputation for extreme tortures, brutal conditions, political murder, and executions. The prison made people reluctant to stay on the island, which led to it being undeveloped. Due to the prison and conditions that contributed to minimal inhabitants, the natural features and elements in the area thrived. The island is popular for its rare plant species. In 1992, it was declared a national park. In 2005, the entire Coiba National Park was declared a World Heritage Site. Below are some of the experiences and features that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Isla De Coiba, Panama:
  • Isla De Coiba is known to have the most secluded dive destinations in the world. Visitors to the area can get the chance to experience the beauty of the marine life and enjoy scuba diving at the Coiba Island National Park.
  • The underwater topography is unique and has received a lot of attention due to its features. A visit to the island offers the chance to explore the topography which according to scientists is an ideal destination for discovering new species.
  • The island is best known for its diverse new marine species that visitors can explore by visiting the region. These include sperm whales, whales and tiger sharks, sea turtles and angel rays. It is also the last refuge to a large number of threatened terrestrial animals.
  • Visiting Isla Coiba is ideal for nature lovers and researchers. The area is virtually untouched and undeveloped, offering its natural beauty. Additionally, visitors can get to explore the unique fauna and flora present by cruising to the region.
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