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Incheon, South Korea Cruise Port

Incheon is a major South Korean port city which lies along the West Sea and borders the capital, Seoul, as well as Gyeonggi, the country’s most populated province. Incheon is quite populous itself with around three million permanent residents. It’s the third most populated city in the country after Seoul and Busan, another important port city. However, the seaport in Incheon City is South Korea’s largest. It can handle upwards of sixty ships at one time and around 165,000 passengers. This international port was first built in 1883 but really defined itself as a hub for tourism and industry when it was designated as Korea’s first “free economic zone” in 2003. Since that time, the port has reported record financial growth, topping itself almost every year. The charming city is surrounded by rice fields which helps produce the famous Incheon flavored rice. There are also hot springs that have been in consistent use since the Joseon Dynasty.


  • Songdo Central Park is a small, intimate place to walk around and admire the city’s mighty skyline. There is also an enclosed animal sanctuary with deer and rabbits.
  • Incheon Bridge is a stunning bridge to view from afar, and there are numerous sights to view while standing on the bridge. If you have the opportunity to stay after sunset, it’s especially beautiful at night!
  • Chinatown is an authentic little hamlet in the city with native Chinese people offering up their one-of-a-kind food, dress and all-around culture.
  • The Memorial Hall for Incheon Landing Operation is a respectful memorial recalling the time the United States’ General Douglas MacArthur helped lead the liberation of Seoul.

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