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Ilfracombe, England Cruise Port

An interesting combination of charming traditional cottages and controversial modern architecture, the seaside resort and cruise port of Ilfracombe, England is also known for its picturesque cliffs. Located on the North Devon coast, Ilfracombe is set snugly within a small harbor; this civil parish has been settled since the Iron Age (as early as 1200 B.C.). The name may come from either the Anglo-Saxons or the Norse – regardless of which, both contain the word "valley," and for obvious reasons. Thanks to its location, it was only natural for the town to become a busy port, both for trade and to provide refuge. History shows centuries of activity in Ilfracombe, with tourism booming in the 1950s. The economy of the 1960s reversed that, but as of 21st century, Ilfracombe is coming back into its own. Listed below are a handful of our favorite experiences when cruising to Ilfracombe, England:
  • Tunnels Beaches features four hand-carved tunnels created in the 1820s, which is an excellent spot for both adults and kids (who have their own tidal pool in which to splash around). There are also facilities for shopping and to have a bite.
  • Boat enthusiasts will love hanging out at Ilfracombe Harbour. Although its primary focus is on tourism, it's still a working harbor where fishermen bring in their hauls. You'll find England's oldest working lighthouse overlooking the harbor from atop Lantern Hill; one of the newest attractions on the quay is the bronze statue called "Verity," a pregnant woman who overlooks the harbor entrance.
  • Ghost hunters will shiver with delight over Chambercombe Manor, dating back to the 11th century and allegedly one of the most haunted buildings in the United Kingdom (consistently visited by multiple specters). Apparitions or no, the house and gardens are beautiful, and the adjacent Café reportedly sells the best cream teas in Devon.
  • There's no excuse to be in Devon and not have proper scones. Take a picturesque walk from the harbor to visit the award-winning Hele Corn Mill & Tea Room, a 16th-century working watermill and museum that also happens to provide fabulous tea and pastries.
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