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Hundred Islands, Philippines Cruise Port

The Hundred Islands National Park is a tourist destination that comprises of 123 small islands that are located off the coast of the Lucap wharf, which serves as the park's entrance about 240 km North of Philipinnes' capital, Manila. Each year tourists flock to the region for fun and exploration. The national park is marked as a protected area and is located in Alaminos city, in the Pangasinan province, at the Northern region of the Philippines. The islands are scattered in the Lingayen Gulf with some of them being visible at low tide. The national park covers an area of 4,560 acres and the islands are believed to be about 2 million years old. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Hundred Islands, Philippines:
  • The sheer number of the islands prompts visitors to take a boat tour of the gulf from one island to the next. This “island hopping” activity brings out the explorer in any visitor as the stunning views and beautiful islands get soaked into memory.
  • A visit to the Imelda Cave is a worthwhile venture. The island cave has beautiful blue-green clear waters that offer the opportunity for a refreshing swim and thrilling dive from the cave's top. The water is so clear that the cave's bottom remains visible.
  • The clear waters of the gulf offer the perfect opportunity for some splendid snorkeling fun. The region is also well known for having some of the world's biggest clams which are a great sight to behold alongside the beautiful coral that shelters the islands.
  • The Lucap Wharf provides an ideal platform for viewing the beautiful morning sunrise that is characteristic of the region. The sun's rays bounce off the gulf's waters creating a spectacular optical effect that displays the sun bathed islands in a unique manner.
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