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Hornvika, Norway Cruise Port

Hornvika, located in Norway, is a captivating coastal destination known for its dramatic natural beauty and cultural significance. Nestled within the Arctic landscape, Hornvika offers breathtaking views of rugged cliffs and pristine waters, creating a picturesque setting for visitors. The area is renowned for being the starting point of the famous North Cape trek, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and hikers seeking an adventurous experience. At Hornvika, visitors can witness the convergence of Arctic Ocean currents, creating a unique marine environment. The coastal terrain is dotted with distinctive rock formations and offers a glimpse into the raw and untouched wilderness of Norway's northern regions. The serene ambiance of Hornvika, coupled with its proximity to the North Cape, makes it a tranquil yet compelling destination for those seeking a blend of nature and exploration in the Arctic realm.
  • Discover the Majestic North Cape Plateau: Hike to the North Cape plateau, the northernmost point of Europe, and enjoy the panoramic views of the Arctic Ocean.
  • Experience Adventure: Take a Zodiac boat ride along the rugged coastline and see the famous Kirkeporten rock formation and the historical Hornvika landing site.
  • Cast Your Line: Try your luck at fishing in the rich waters of the Barents Sea and learn about the local culture and history from a guide.
  • Uncover History: Explore the remains of buildings and quay from WWII that were used by German soldiers and Norwegian resistance fighters.

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