Hong Gai (Hanoi), Vietnam

Hong Gai (Hanoi), Vietnam Cruise Port

Hong Gai is a port city in southern Vietnam that is said to be the gateway to Halong Bay and the Red River Delta. The powerful name of Halong translates to “Descending Dragon” and conjures up imagery the strong yet spiritual side of the country as a whole. The region within the bay area is splattered with over 3,000 islands, big and small, and each quite mountainous. This grouping is a fantastic sight to behold for tourists and the unique landscape is comprised of a variety of rock types. A new port that opened in November of 2018 allows ships to dock right in the harbor, even some of the largest cruise and cargo carriers. The bay is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering a wide array of rock formations that developed over many years. The caves, arches, coves, grottos, and those 3,000+ limestone islets are what make this port special.


  • If you wish to see the islets up close and personal, it’s be a fantastic idea to rent a canoe or kayak to explore the region on your own or in small groups.
  • After climbing more than 100 steps to enter, Dau Go Cave offers the most breathtaking views the underground world has to offer. Guides, handrails, and pathways are ever present to help visitors along the way.
  • Bai Tu Long Bay is a subsection to east of the larger Halong Bay. This area is more popular with tourists because of the pristine beaches and tropical rainforests located on their welcoming shores.
  • The tour to Castaway Island is a regular “booze cruise” that takes passengers to a secluded island for the day so they can bask in nature and explore the wide-open pleasant space, while those of age can do so with alcohol.

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