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Hokkaido, Japan Cruise Port

Hokkaido, which used to be formerly known as Ezo, Yezo, or Yesso, is Japan's second largest island. It is the country's Northernmost and least developed island of all the 4 main islands of Japan. The island faces harsh winters with lots of snowfall and frozen seas, while in summer the temperatures don't rise to the level of other Japanese islands. The island covers an approximate area of 83,453.57 km2 and holds a population of 5,507,456 people according to data gathered in the 2010 census by the Japanese government. The island boasts of having nature that is largely untouched and attracts a lot of outdoor lovers and visitors annually. Listed below are some of the recommended experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Hokkaido, Japan:
  • Visitors interested in learning more about Japan's cultural and religious past should visit the Hokkaido Jingu, also known as the Hokkaido Shrine. Gravel paths in Maruyama Park lead to the shrine's location where the traditional Shinto ceremonies are carried out to date.
  • Nature lovers will be thrilled to know that the island caters to their needs generously with the Taisetsu-san National Park. It is Japan's largest nature preserve and is home to five major peaks that are adequate for hiking. The park is blessed with numerous geographic features.
  • History buffs, should take the time to visit the Nibutani Ainu Cultural Museum because it is an excellent information resource on the Ainu people, which has exhibits and displays of tools, artifacts, and fashion items among other things that were used by them.
  • Further inland, there is another tourist attraction that visitors should take the time to tour. It is the Shiretoko Goko, also known as Shiretoko Five Lakes. It is a collection of small lakes that are equipped with boardwalk paths that bring visitors closer to the lovely features.
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