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Hinchinbrook Island, Australia Cruise Port

Hinchinbrook Island nearly touches Queensland and is separated by and therefore an island because of the narrow Hinchinbrook Channel. Part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and contained almost entirely with the Hinchinbrook Island National Park, it’s the largest island on the Great Barrier Reef and the biggest island national park in all of Australia. The park, aside from a small, abandoned resort area, is a protected site. Due to its status, it abides by numerous conservation efforts and offers a variety of ecotourism activities. The Thorsborne Trail—named after environmental activists Arthur and Margaret Thorsborne—stretches over 20 miles along the island and attracts hikers and walkers from all over. The islands many beaches welcome water-based activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing, and has the spanning shores to allow the plethora of activity. Fishing is also quite popular, particularly for various crustaceans.


  • Visit the national park for nature at its purest. People go to enjoy day-camping, hiking, swimming, and exploring the wonderful and environmentally protected area.
  • Make the trek to Hinchinbrook’s highest point, Mount Bowen. Enjoy the excellent view of the crystal-clear Australian water and the neighboring islands.
  • Hinchinbrook is a perfect locale to dive into the Great Barrier Reef—both literally and figuratively. While scuba diving may be the absolute best way to explore this marvel, swimming with goggles or snorkeling give non-certified people a good look.
  • The Hinchinbrook Channel is quite a sight to behold. So narrow, and yet more than 30 miles long, this flowing body runs from Oyster Point to the far north of Queensland.

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