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Hamajima, Japan Cruise Port

Back in 2004, a number of towns in the Shima District—Shima, Hamajima, Ago Daio and Isobe—all merged to create the city of Shima. No longer independent municipalities among themselves, they now share a total population around 53,000 people. Nestled within the southern side of the Shima peninsula and also in the eastern Mie Prefecture, Shima lies beside the calming Ise Bay as well as the Pacific Ocean. With two notable inlets, Matoya Bay is a place for oyster cultivation, while Ago Bay is more focused on pearl cultivation. Tourists are attracted to both inlets and are often mesmerized by how much goes into either cultivation process. Most of the city lies within the borders of Ise-Shima National Park. The park stretches beyond the city and includes a number of nearby islands scattered about the various bays and coves before the ocean.


  • The Mount Yokoyama Observation Desk flies high up into the sky and offers the hands-down best view of the surrounding nation and the great mountain it sits upon.
  • The Shima Spain Village, or Parque Espana, is the one section of the great city where the Spanish colonial times are on full display. See parades, authentic recreations and villagers who are almost always “in character.”
  • The Izawanomiya is the most renowned shrine in the area. After passing through the bustling village, it’s almost like being sent back in time to a simpler Japan much more in touch with nature.
  • Goza Beach is a crescent-shaped oasis with a tropical atmosphere including soft sand, clear water and a large forest looking over the tucked-away beach from either side.

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