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Hagi, Japan Cruise Port

Hagi is a pleasant castle town located in the Yamguchi Prefecture of Japan. Its Hagi Castle, the ruins of which remain a tourist destination, was built all the way back in the Edo period. It stood from 1604 until it was destroyed in 1874. Today it’s a National Historic site and was registered as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2015. Because it was the capital of the Choshu Domain during the Edo period, Hagi is now renowned for a type of ancient Japanese pottery known as Hagi ware. In 1981, the city hosted an International Sculpture symposium where 26 international artists worked together to create a seaside park comprised of functional sculptures that visitors still enjoy today. The port is conveniently located near many rent-a-cycle places which offer alternative transport to see Hagi. With its unique attractions, non-crowded streets, and central location, Hagi is one of Japan’s most interesting small towns.


  • The Shoin Shrine enshrines Yoshida Shoin, an important Hagi figure who embraced and inspired modern advancement at the end of Japan’s Feudal era.
  • While the city itself is seldom crowded, the Michi no Eki Hagi Seaside Market is always rustling with lively patrons at the fresh fish market and the on-site restaurants.
  • Travel past the popular Hotaka Shrine to Myojin Pond, a tranquil body of water featuring a surrounding woodland area with hiking trails, rustic lodges, and friendly shops.
  • Gaze and wonder at the age-old pottery from China, Korea, and Japan at the Hagi Uragami Museum. Over 5,000 pieces from over 400 years were preserved and donated by Hagi-born entrepreneur, Toshiro Uragami.

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