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Guilin, China Cruise Port

When cruising to Guilin, China don’t be surprised by the strange shaped hills covered in bamboos and lush vegetation, they make the landscape unique! Dating back to the Qin Dynasty, this city is rich in history and has maintained a great heritage that it’s’ people are proud of. The local food is influenced by many surrounding areas and is something you should definitely try on your cruise to Guilin, China. Relaxation is key when visiting this serene part of China, where the calm waters and quietness will allow you to unwind. The weather of Guilin is a warm, subtropical environment and is home to the highest mountain peak in South China, Kitten Mountain. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do when cruising to Guilin, China:
  • Bike through the countryside and see Yangshuo in person to experience the rural part of China at its finest.
  • View the beautiful rice fields as they stretch for miles through the countryside, dating back over 800 years.
  • Sample some of the delicious local foods influenced by Zhejiang, Jiangxi and Fujian cultures where the most popular foods contain rice noodles.
  • Try the sanhua alcohol, made of fermented beans and chili sauce and is to be considered the treasure of the city.

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