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Goritsy, Russia Cruise Port

When cruising to Goritsy, Russia you will feel like you are in medieval times with this exciting and picturesque town. The small town is known for two famous and fascinating monasteries that are definite attractions for the area, the Kirillo-Belozerskiy Monastery and the Goritsky Monastery of Resurrection. The monasteries are well preserved, enclose beautiful churches and date back to the 14th century/. The monastery is also famous for the museum of relics that are some of the oldest in Russia. The farming settlement located along the Sheksna River also has many shopping opportunities for your cruise to Goritsy, Russia. As a small town, there are many different stores located along the port offering souvenir shops, stores with freshly baked bread, pottery workshops and more. Below, we have listed a few of our favorite things to do while cruising to Goritsy, Russia:
  • Sample some authentic Russian cuisine at the array of restaurants and bars located within walking distance of the port.
  • Visit the famous monasteries to gain an insight of what life may have been like during the 14th century as well as learn more about the importance to their culture.
  • Walk through the museum of Icons to learn more about the history of all of Russia, as there are some of the oldest relics found here.
  • See the Archangel Gabriel Cathedral and the church of St. John the Precusor, where both churches display great ornate detail and are still working churches today.

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