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Gobi Desert, Mongolia Cruise Port

The Gobi is an enormous desert region in Asia that covers Southern Mongolia and some parts of Northern and Northwestern China. Despite being sandy, most of the desert's land area consists of exposed bare rock. The Gobi's desert basins are surrounded by the Atlai Mountains and Mongolian grasslands in the north and some other geographical features like the Tibetan Plateau in other directions. The Gobi was formed as a result of the Himalaya ranges blocking the rain-carrying clouds that originate from the Indian Ocean resulting in what is termed as a “rain shadow” desert. The Gobi covers an approximate area of 1,295,000 km2 according to data gathered in 2007, making it the 5th largest desert in the world. Listed below are some of the experiences and activities that visitors can enjoy after cruising to Gobi Desert, Mongolia:
  • Visitors to the region should make time to tour the religious site called Ongiin Khiid. It is the site of two ruined monasteries that date back as far as 1760 and the remains are only accessible in winter or when the region's river water level is low.
  • Those interested in the natural landmarks of the Gobi should not miss the chance to visit the Khongoryn Els. These are some of the largest sand dunes in Mongolia and a unique aspect is the sound they produce when the desert sand is moved by the wind.
  • Visitors should also tour the Yolyn Am, which is a fairly deep and narrow valley. The landmark feature receives very little rainfall but remains a notable area due to its deep seasonal ice field that is several meters thick and several kilometers long.
  • Archeology fanatics will be thrilled to pay a visit to Bayanzag, also known as the Flaming Cliffs. This region has been an important site due to the fossil finds made in the area, like the very first discovery of dinosaur eggs.
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