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Glenariff, Ireland Cruise Port

Meaning “valley of the ploughman,” Glenariff is located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, and is one of the Glens of Antrim. During the Ice Age, many glens were formed and shaped over time by giant glaciers. Glenariff is no exception, and is in fact one of the biggest glens in the area and welcomes many tourists each year. Because of its hulking stature, it’s sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Glens.” It sits at the head of the northern edge of a Bantry Bay enclave known as Glenariff Bay, and is bordered by the Caha Mountains. Nearby Glenariff Forest Park is an almost 3,000 acre forest between the town and Cork, Ireland. It’s managed by the Northern Ireland Forest Service which is under the umbrella of the Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Affairs. The parks’ Waterfall Walkway has existed for 80 years and has recently been significantly upgraded.


  • Hikers and casual strollers alike can enjoy the dynamics of the Glenariff Forest Park. Whether you opt for the rougher trails or the maintained ones straight through the center, the view from most places is phenomenal.
  • The park’s Waterfall Walkway is a three-mile traipse through a National Nature Reserve featuring three mighty waterfalls, numerous trails, and a visitor center with a shop.
  • Proceed to the town’s southernmost point to the village of Waterfoot. There you’ll find beaches with soft reddish sands and an impressive white arch on Garron Road that used to be a railway bridge for Glenariff’s short-lived ore and harbor company.
  • Glenariff’s Caravan Park is located in the National Park and is a simplistically beautiful hillside retreat promising tranquil views and friendly locals.

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