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Georgetown, Ascension Cruise Port

Georgetown is the capital and primary settlement of Ascension, an Island located in the Atlantic Ocean which is ranked as one of the most isolated Islands in the world. It was established in 1815 as a garrison to guard against the escape of the French emperor Napoleon. It has also served as a strategic base for the Royal Navy for anti-slavery patrol as well as an airbase during the Second World War for the United States of America. With the presence of extinct volcanoes, the Island was primarily barren and uninhabitable but was reclaimed after shipping in plant seedlings. Georgetown acts as the Island’s cultural center hosting local athletics games and is the kick off point for the local dew pond race. A cruise to Georgetown is ideal mainly because of the features, and fun activities discussed below:
  • Cruising to Georgetown offers the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and the features in the region. There are plenty of paths leading into the green highlands that are characterized by the beautiful scenery. Moreover, there are also mountainside lava tubes to explore.
  • Visiting Long Beach is a good option that allows visitors to view nesting sea turtles. This is definitely a treat for any animal enthusiast. The beach provides a perfect setting for seaside walks and relaxing as one marvels at the breathtaking scenery.
  • There are a number of forts to explore that are built over the town’s long history. These include Fort Thornton, Fort Hayes, and Fort Bedford which still holds several authentic Victorian Cannons and two naval guns. It also houses a museum.
  • Visit and play in one of the most unique golf courses found in One Boat Golf Club. Tee off in ‘browns” rather than greens that are made from a mix of lava soil and diesel oil. The borders are marked with volcanic ash and dotted with large boulders.
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