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Geographic Harbor, Alaska Cruise Port

Hidden away in the Katmai National Park along Amalik Bay, a part of the Katmai Coast, is Geographic Harbor, a scenic, rugged, and seldom visited lagoon. It is adorned with moss filled rocky beaches and surrounded by green rolling hills, and snowcapped mountains. The harbor can be visited via a cruise by boat, bush hawk or beaver float planes that are available in Kodiak city. The still silence of this untouched habitat is only broken by the swarm of salmon that inhabit the water, breaking the water surface as they majestically thrive in their element. The habitat is well preserved and protected. It is kept in ecological balance which offers visitors the chance to see nature in its truest from. A cruise to Geographic Harbor is ideal due to the many attractions and features the island has to offer:
  • Geographic Harbor is famed for its high population of brown bears that can be viewed at surprisingly safe up-close distances. The bears peacefully stride along the lagoon hunting salmon and foraging for clams providing the perfect experience and photography opportunities.
  • The trip to and around the bay is also filled with endless treats for wildlife watchers. It has a diverse fauna which comprises of seals, otters, a large variety of sea birds, and giants of the oceans like humpback and fin whales.
  • Take the opportunity to get some exercise by donning hip boots and a rain jacket so you can explore the lush beaches, and islands that dot the bay where you can discover waterfalls, and wildlife. The lagoon is a good place for exploration.
  • The bay is also ideal for fishing. It has a large array of fish such as the halibut, ling cod, and rockfish. Sit back and relax with a scenic backdrop and meditate in serene uninterrupted peace as you attempt to catch some dinner.
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