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Garabaldi, Argentina Cruise Port

The Garibaldi Glacier is one of many impressive icy formations that have formed over millions of years in Chile’s Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Getting to this mighty glacier and others is made possible through an accessible approach within the Alberto de Agostini National Park. This protected area was created in 1965 and spans more than 3.5 million acres. In 2005, UNESCO designated it a Biosphere Reserve in order to preserve its marine and coastal ecosystem, as well as its unique landscapes. A number of tidewater glaciers and precipitous fjords are located in Alberto National, some so gigantic they stretch beyond even the vast park’s boundaries. The Garibaldi is not impassable as it acts as a passage through the park with mountainous walls of teal ice on either side that often calve into mounds of floating ice. While these glaciers are incredible, no amount of protection can prevent how much they’re all receding.


  • As part of the Magellanic subpolar forests ecoregion, the park’s flora is quite diverse with numerous species of tree and plant life bold enough to survive the extreme climate.
  • The park’s fauna is also quite unique and includes a few species of Arctic fox and Chilean dolphins, as well as various otters, seals, and sea lions.
  • The Southern Patagonian Field has more than five dozen named glaciers you can specifically look for or learn about through a learned guide, as well as thousands of smaller glaciers that remain unnamed.
  • The park includes a number of small islands that can be explored for their natural flora and fauna, including the islands of Londonderry, Gordon, and Cook, along with parts of the 1,500 square mile Hoste Island.

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