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Gamagori, Japan Cruise Port

A modestly populated city in the Aichi Prefecture, Gamagori is a regional commercial center and lively fishing port. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, the area is perfect for and has numerous hot springs. The Miya, Katahara, and Nishiura hot spring sites are placed strategically throughout the city for tourists and locals alike to take advantage of the tranquil pastime all year long. Since 2002, the resort complex known as Laguna Ten Bosch has been a hot spot for travelers, seeing as many as 3 million visitors every year. The complex has a shopping mall, eateries, a spa, and an amusement park which includes a giant Ferris wheel. Not far from this entertainment hub, cruisers can find connection to the old world in the form of ancient temples, shrines, museums, and old-style bath houses. Orange Park is a seasonal spot where visitors can pick their own fresh fruit, including grapes, strawberries and melons.


  • Become enamored with many different types of marine life at the Takeshima Aquarium. Not only can you observe and learn about the animals, some you can even touch!
  • Venture to Gamagori Takeshima, a small forested island with a few man-made footpaths. It’s small, unique, and connected to the mainland by a long footbridge.
  • Find beautiful tranquility at the Yaotomi Shrine. It’s a great place for visitors looking for culture, and the shrines are spread out with some separated by smalls bridges.
  • Located with Laguna Ten Bosch and beside its Ferris wheel, the Laguna Festival Market offers boardwalk style shopping as well as some of the freshest seafood the city has to offer.

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