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Gaeta, Italy Cruise Port

Gaeta is a city located in the province of Latina, in Lazio. The city is in central Italy set on a headland that reaches into the Gulf of Gaeta. Gaeta has played a vital role in the country's military history and most of its fortifications can be dated back to the Roman era making it an important historical site. Gaeta covers an area of approximately 28.48 km2 and has an estimated population of 20,762 people. It is also set between the two cities of Naples and Rome, with its center about 120 km from Rome and about 80 km from Naples. Currently, Gaeta is regarded as an oil and fishing seaport, while also serving as one of the most popular tourist destinations. Featured below are some of the recommended experiences for people cruising to Gaeta, Italy:
  • The city is blessed with 7 beautiful beaches that are popular with tourists especially in the month of August. A visit to the Serapo Beach will reward visitors with an opportunity to bask in the sun and relax on the white sands of Gaeta in spectacular weather.
  • Nature lovers will be thrilled to know that the city has an activity for them as well. A visit to Monte Orlando, a hill with an urban nature park, will reward hikers and bikers alike with stunning views of the old city, Gaeta, and the sea.
  • Visitors should save time for a visit to the Capella D'Oro, also known as the Golden Chapel. This historical site in the Annunziata church played a vital role in religious history, as it was where Pope Pius IX took exile in 1854.
  • History and architecture buffs should pay a visit to the Romanesque Bell Tower located in the old city. Here, visitors will get the chance to appreciate the bell tower's architectural designs while enjoying the old city setting reminiscent of the medieval era.
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