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Fuling, China Cruise Port

Fuling is a Chinese district with a population of around 1.1 million people. It’s centrally located in the Chongqing, or Chungking, municipality which has a population of over 30 million people. This rather large area is a primary stop for embarking and disembarking for Yangtze River cruises. The tours generally go from Wuhan—the capital of the Hubei province—and Chongqing. There are also tours that go in the other direction, starting in Chongqing and ending in central China. The Chongqing municipality was first created in 1997 and ever since has been one of China’s four direct-controlled municipalities. Fuling is right up the river from White Crane Ridge, a grouping of rocks that have held strong as the primary point for recording waters levels since the Tang dynasty. An underground museum beneath the ridge opened in 2009; it allows visitors to view the many intricate rock carvings as they examine the latest water levels.


  • The Fuling Catholic Church was founded in the mid-19th century by French missionaries and is currently located in the heart of Fuling’s historical district.
  • One of the main attractions for river cruises in the area is known as Three Gorges. The strait stretches for 120 miles and offers a variety of scenic locales along the way.
  • Hongya Cave in Chongqing is a massive eight-level structure full of fantastic views and a variety of restaurants and shopping centers to please the entire family.
  • For the full story on how the enormous river cruise path was created, head to the Three Gorges Museum. The guides tell it straight and never ignore the many lives lost in the creation, while also highlighting the majesty of the grand project.

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