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Frejus, France Cruise Port

The stunningly beautiful coastal town of Frejus rests within the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region of southeastern France. It is often grouped in with its gorgeous neighboring town of Saint-Raphael and viewed as a singular western-Mediterranean paradise. Many years ago, Julius Caesar established the area as a Roman port that acted as a gateway between the Italian islands and the rest of Europe. Because of this early influence, Frejus has a number of structures that are clearly designed similarly to their counterparts in Rome. The town has its own version of the Roman Amphitheatre and the famous Aqueduct. Other extraordinary remains incorporating Roman and Gothic architecture can be viewed throughout town, including high-scaling walls, a platform featuring a cistern and baths, three ancient gates, and the square of Agricola. The landscape is filled with hills, mountains, and impressive shorelines which are grand for hikers, walkers, swimmers, and people who simply enjoy amazing scenery.


  • Made a historical monument all the way back in 1886, the Aqueduct of Mons in Frejus is Roman architecture at its finest. While it’s not as grandiose as the structure in Rome, this ancient water system is beyond impressive.
  • Visit the Musee des Troupes de Marine for an insider’s look at French naval history. Explore walls filled with artifacts that guide you through years of proud military history.
  • If you’re willing to brave the winding roads and steep inclines that lead to the top of Mont Vinaigre, you won’t be sorry because the view from the top is vast and fantastic.
  • While little more than the foundation remains of the Frejus Amphitheatre, this unique structure, built prior to the year 30 AD, is a sight to behold.

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