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Farquhar, Seychelles Cruise Port

400 miles west of Mahe Island is the stunning cruise port of Farquhar, Seychelles. As one of the top saltwater fly fishing destinations on the planet, this unspoiled coral atoll is a swimming, snorkeling and diving haven. For many years, administration of the atoll was a “tug-of-war” between Seychelles and Mauritius, with Victoria - the capital of Seychelles - finally getting approved to oversee it. It’s interesting to note that one individual acts as the boat master, storekeeper, accountant, postmaster, doctor, policeman and sometimes priest. Go search him out if you have some free time to spare. Another trivia fact: the island was christened in honor of Robert Townsend Farquhar, an influential British merchant who served as a colonial governor and Member of Parliament. Below are a few exciting activities to engage in while cruising to Farquhar, Seychelles:
  • Enjoy a few relaxing hours on Farquhar’s pristine beach, marveling at the sight of one of the world’s lightest blue waters. Dig your feet in its fine ‘dust-like’ sands as your stroll along the shores to unwind.
  • Since the cruise port of Farquhar, Seychelles is home to trophy sized giant trevally, milkfish, bonefish, Indo-Pacific permit, triggerfish, barracuda bumphead parrotfish and numerous exotic fish species, fly fishing sounds like a great idea.
  • Do a bit of bird watching as several bird species spread around the small islands. Keep your camera handy for those postcard ready shots worth cruising thousands of miles for. Another sight to look out for is the beautiful Hawksbill and green sea turtles nesting on the atoll.
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