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Eureka, California Cruise Port

Poised to become a big cruise ship destination in the coming years, the cruise port of Eureka, California, USA is a beautiful coastal city between Portland Oregon and San Francisco with a rich logging history that grew rapidly after its introduction in the 1850’s. Located in the Redwood Empire region with tons of mountains covered with giant redwoods, this port city has every reason to be designated a state historic landmark with the world’s tallest tree found here. The port city of Eureka, California is also known as the “timber capital” of California with hundreds of Victorian houses, including nationally-recognized Carson Mansion. It’s interesting to note that the Greek translation for Eureka is “I have found it”, alluding to the 1848 gold rush in California. History buffs will feel right at home in the cruise port of Eureka, California. While cruising to Eureka, California, explore the high points of the city that keep visitors intrigued, engaged and desiring more of this Californian gem:
  • Watch otters frolicking in an aquarium or stroll amongst flamingos in Sequoia Park Zoo, the oldest zoo in California. The beautiful, relaxing, kid-friendly setting is the perfect ambience for exploring the Secrets of the Forest, connecting with gibbons and spider monkeys, and mingling with birds. This attraction is truly a jewel in the heart of Eureka.
  • Clarke Historical Museum features a delightful mix of vibrant Native American cultures, collection of Victorian era artifacts, history of the lumber industry, WWII, Indian and Chinese settlements and many more. This museum has been housed in the landmark Bank of Eureka building since 1960 and continues to be a major draw for tourists and locals.
  • Located in southern Eureka, Humboldt Botanical Gardens is a carefully manicured, temperate woodland garden with a perfect hillside setting that compliments the plants. With 7 acres of formal gardens, 5 miles of hiking trails, and several educational and recreational opportunities, this ornamental terrace garden is truly a world-class living museum featuring native and exotic plants.

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