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Esna, Egypt Cruise Port

Located on the west bank of the Nile, roughly 35 miles from Luxor, Esna is a city in Egypt that was formerly part of the Qena Governorate before being incorporated into the new Luxor Governorate in 2009. The city has a large and bustling tourist market that fills a number of streets leading inland from a corniche, or road, that straddles the side of a cliff or mountain. This super flea market offers visitors many traditional garbs and fabrics that reflect the regions diverse culture, as well as authentic food, and various trinkets such as mini pyramids. The other great tourist draw is the partially excavated Temple of Esna located about 35 feet below street level. Other than tourism, the economy runs on farming and merchantry as well as a highly in-demand weaving industry. The streets are lined with well-preserved old houses made with fine brickwork and mashrbiyya screens.


  • The Esna Temple, sitting well below street level as it continues to be excavated, is a great place to explore the ancient side of Egypt. Interesting and intricate hieroglyphs cover a number of the walls within.
  • The market is very welcoming to tourists who can shop all morning long and haggle over their purchases. Many vendors will sell you fabrics and make well-fitting clothes from them if you wish.
  • Esna’s beautiful, aged monastery is known as the Monastery of the Three Thousand Six Hundred Martyrs. Once a place of brutal sacrifice, it’s now a serene temple of reflection.
  • The Esna lock lies between two bridges that meet on the Nile. The first was built in 1906, and the second in the 1990s. This beautiful crossing point often holds up river traffic for miles.

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